The Bedwetter

You may feel that comedy books are a waste of precious mind-nurturing time. Especially a book by a comedian who’s famous for fart jokes. Surprisingly I don’t find this to be the case, at least so far. I’m not sure how common knowledge this is, but comedians tend to be some fucked up people. Not in a wacky way, but in a sad and dysfunctional way. Sarah Silverman’s life hasn’t been especially torturous by any means, in fact I kind of wish I’d had her parents. But like all of us, her life hasn’t been perfect, and comedy is a fantastic coping skill. You can either be humiliated by the fact that you wet the bed until you were 16, or you can use it for the amusement of others. You can keep your depression locked up deep inside you, or you can show people that they’re not alone and that there’s hope. I think learning about anyone can have mental health benefits, to show how very weird or quirky or embarrassing or sad we all are, but to just read people’s diaries, including Sarah’s, would be boring as fuck. So we have people like comedians to talk about their lives and their struggles and how they got to where they are in a way that’s purely entertaining. Sure you won’t learn a whole lot about science or history, but you will learn about the history of an ordinary person much like you in a way that feels like you’ve just gotten an extremely long letter from your awesome sister you didn’t know you had, without the creepiness that sort of thing may involve. Everybody has insight to share, and comedy books are a great way of sharing it. I also encourage anyone who can string words together at at least an eighth grade level to blog, but I sure hope they make it fun to read, too. I guess I’m not reviewing The Bedwetter as much as all/most comedy books, but it still stands that I’ve really enjoyed them and found something enriching in each of them. Comedians in a way are our modern version of philosophers, or at least friendly strangers with something comforting to say. If you haven’t really tried them before I highly encourage you to get your pompous ass out there and go find one.

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