The Night the DeFeos Died

Short review today, so you’ll thank me for quickly letting you get on with your reading. Considering this book is true crime, I can’t write this review in my new format, because spoilers. But let me just say, Holy  drama, Batman. This book is nuts you guys. This totally blows the lid off everything you thought you knew about the murders which started the legend of The Amityville Horror. You’ll probably even have a hard time believing it at first. But Ric Osuna has most definitely done his research, integrity seems paramount to him, and this book touches upon all levels of the story. If you like true crime, horror, or anything in between, this is a must-read. It’s anything but boring.


3 thoughts on “The Night the DeFeos Died

  1. Mythoughts76 says:

    I love a short book review! Mine are all short! I try not to give away the endings in my own reviews, although with novels written by prolific writers the format gets repetitious anyway. I like to read about true stories from time to time..

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  3. […] The Night the Defeos Died, Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders, finished March 31st. Hands down my favorite book of the year. […]

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